Firmware for Ultimate Platforms

Firmware version 3.11 / Core 1.43 - Dated 2023-12-28

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  1. This version adds WiFi support for the Ultimate 64 and Ultimate 64 Elite. Please read the manual on how to set up the ESP32 module.
  2. Assembly 64 integration. Many users use the offline version of the great Assembly 64 online database, by running Fredrik's tool to copy the content into folders onto a USB stick. Now, the Ultimate is the first embedded ever system that integrates access to this online database! You can now simply download and play titles directly from the internet on your Ultimate device. Please read the manual about this here:
  3. The Ultimate now supports a basic http daemon; also known as webserver. This allows some simple files to be served from the Ultimate. This server also implements a ReSTful API, which allows an external device to control the Ultimate with standard web URLs. Read up on the API here:
  4. JiffyDOS support for the built-in SoftwareIEC drive. This is a first step to make the internal drive more usable. More effort needs to be done to make the command set more compatible with CMD.
  5. On the Ultimate 64 it is now possible to isolate the serial bus from the computer, which allows the Ultimate 64 to be used as external drives. Look for "Serial Bus Mode" in the "Ultimate 64 Specific Settings".
Various small fixes, such as the telnet session closing upon mount, configuration of the cartrdiges that serve VIC data from external ROM, quite a few fixes in the emulated printer, configurable page margins, ... and so on.

Once again, this release was only possible by spending countless hours of coding and debugging. If you appreciate the free additions and improvements to the Ultimate product, and you would like to contribute, consider leaving a small donation:

Firmware version 3.10j / Core 1.42 - Dated 2023-06-21

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This release now also includes the Ultimate-II+L version of the firmware!
The release notes can be found here: Change Log
Installation and User Manual V3.10i/j

Firmware version 3.10a / Core 1.41 - Dated 2021-09-11

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This release fixes some (new and existing) issues in the 3.10 release. If you are not on 3.10 yet, please read the manual before installing 3.10a, since the changes from 3.9 and earlier are significant.

Firmware version 3.10 / Core 1.41 - Dated: 2021-07-24

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This release has again some significant changes and improvements over 1.37 / 3.9. Please read the manual before installing 3.10.
Installation and User Manual V3.10

The older firmware page from this website, can be found here.
All binaries can be found on GitHub,