Last updated: 2022-11-20

Status of the Project


February 2022:The Ultimate-II+ hardware as it used to be is, due to component shortages, currently impossible to build. And certainly at the current price point. The FPGA jumped in price about 7-fold. So in short, since April 2021, the production of this board has stopped.

Bad news? Yes, to some extent. At the time of writing, I can tell you that investigations to port the Ultimate design to another FPGA vendor have been successful. With this success I took the jump to purchase a sufficient number of these FPGAs for at least the entire 2022 and some of 2023, for an acceptable price point for this product. Under the current market conditions it is always a bit tricky to know whether the parts you buy are fake or not... So let's keep our fingers crossed that they are good. In addition, suitable components have been found to implement a new Ultimate-II+ board. This board will be named "Ultimate-II+L", to differentiate it from the original U2+.

In the mean time (mid-April), the hardware has been ported to accommodate all new components, and all components that are necessary to build the boards are in stock! In professional terms: I have been engineering a form fit function compatible device based on current market availability. The PCB for the prototypes are now in production. Hopefully within a month or so, I can test the prototypes and start mass production shortly after.

Update June 24, 2022: The prototypes of the U2+L have arrived! Later than expected, as the assembly company had some other projects that were taking much longer to produce than planned due to bad quality material. Then the U64E went first, so that I could start shipping those. All in all, there are only 2 weeks left before my holidays, so there is little chance that the design can be validated and fully working before that date.

Update July 6, 2022: Some life is getting into the U2+L prototypes. Not everything is proven to be working, but in small steps it is getting there. Unfortunately the sign-off for mass production is too risky at this point. So, this will have to be pulled over the holidays.

It is now possible again to pre-order the U2+ on the website (new version). The price has increased with just a few euros compared to the previous version, much less than the insane inflation rates we are seeing today.

Update September 23, 2022: U2+L prototypes are working fully. PCB data has been corrected for the few mistakes and adjustments that needed to be made.

Update October 5, 2022: U2+L PCB production data has been approved for mass production. PCBs are planned to be ready by Nov 9.

Update Nov 10, 2022: Factory test system finalized and sent to the assembly company

Update Nov 11, 2022: Assembly company admits that they are overbooked and that the production of the U2+L will start in January 2023.

Update Nov 20, 2022: Official mailer created using the Google Gmail API. This facilitates sending customized e-mails. Sent ~700 emails with order status update.

Notes on available stock:
  • Boards: Out of stock. Prototypes of U2+L are currently being made. New stock coming later this year.
  • Plastic cases: All colors in stock, also dark blue, which is currently not yet on the product page.
  • IEC cables: In stock.

Tape Adapters

In stock (>100)


Current board version is 1.4a. No further changes were made since the beginning of 2020. The board is fully jumper-less. Voltage and filters for the SID sockets are set automatically. For logistic reasons, only the Elite boards are available.
  • The latest batch of 500 boards has been sold out.
  • Pre-orders will open as soon as the manufacturing price of the boards is confirmed by the assembly company. Lead time of the FPGA is one year, so no new boards are expected before the end of 2023. This is not a typo.

Speaker for Drive Sounds for U64

In stock.

U64 User Port Extension

A new version of the U64 UserPort Adapter has arrived from the factory, which includes the 9VAC fix and a 5V power-on delay fix.
No stock.

U64 / U64 Elite Badges

A new sub-category of accessories has been added to the store, where you can find "badges": high quality stickers with domed cover. These are designed and produced by Marco v/d Meulenhof. I have a bunch of each type on stock. Preferably ordered together with the U64 / U64E, to avoid unnecessary shipping cost.

Personal notes

Sometimes updates and communication is a bit slow. I do my best to respond properly to questions and problems. In this, I think the response to customer problems should take priority over new sales and shipments. Then, there is the software development, which includes bug-solving. As an engineer, I have the tendency to give my soul to it, ... which sometimes means that planning issues, or rather: planning questions remain unanswered for some time. My apologies for this. I know it can be frustrating when individual questions regarding orders and planning are not answered. However, in the bigger picture, I do try to keep pushing everything forward. I do keep an eye on the dates, and try to order on time, and supply the data and answers to questions from the different factories involved.